PAYA Wealth Management Group


PAYA Wealth Management Group has been established as an investment holding company with emphasis on manufacturing prosperity, economic development of country, creating sustainable employment opportunities and Iranian specialists and expert’s ability to enhance the value of the company assets. In this regard, Paya company purchased Bonyad P.P Fiber Production Factory in December 2019 and changed its name to Mana Servat Iranian Company.

Mana Servat Iranian Company


Bonyad P.P Fiber Production Company with more than 20 years of experience with European production line (PLASTICIZER CO.) is the first and oldest Iranian manufacturer and exporter in polypropylene fiber industry. The company has a history of exporting to more than 10 countries in this industry with taking the knowledge of the day, capable Iranian experts, lead the domestic market and also look at regional and global markets.

The fibers comply with the requirement of BS EN 14889 standard. the fiber length (3,6,12,19 mm) but the production line has been designed to produce different fibers length for special costumers.